Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Toronto is more than just an underrated city on the rise. It's a unique home from home this side of North America that has everything for everybody in this small, but vast world.

CN Tower: In Toronto-or Canada as a matter of fact-nothing scales higher than the CN Tower and as you ascend this sensational, spike structure be prepared to see this city like you've never seen it before. One of the worlds tallest structures let's you see every building and boulevard in all its beauty. The city is yours but THIS is its pinnacle. Just make sure you look at this needle piercing the sky first from outside as you look up to where you're about to climb.

Niagara Falls: Some of the wonders of the world may leave you wondering 'where's the definition to this word exactly' but not these falls. Shared by America's New York and Canada's Toronto (and if you turn around what looks like a mini-Vegas) this is the perfect rest-stop for a drive across the two countries. It's even more amazing than seeing the worlds largest frying pan if you're taking John Travolta's 'Michael' along with you. Just don't expect any white-water rafting type fixes for your adrenaline. They don't let people ride down the falls in barrels anymore.

Toronto Islands: Across Lake Ontario the Toronto Islands give you a vivid view of the stunning skyline of this city including the CN Tower in it's perfect place. Still, this land isn't just for your boats and cameras however. There are beautiful homes and walks in the best gardens you'll find this side of New York's eden. This all makes for the perfect venue for the Summer festival circuit which joins the islands other seasonal amusements. Let's hope that sole fire station and truck can handle it all.

City Hall: On the outside Toronto's City Hall looks like a vision for the future straight out of an 80's sci-fi movie. Still what it really offers-apart from the boring stuff-is a great landmark and place to do more than just have your lunch on a quick break. There's ice-skating here for those 'Serendipity' moments with your date that you may not be able to make it to New York for. Plus when it comes to New Year it's all fireworks like Drake featuring Alicia Keys. Thank me later.

Much Music: What looks like Canada's answer to MTV is actually Canada's answer to fan interaction this side of the new generation of social media in this day and age. You can do more than just peek through the windows to see who's who and what's going down when it comes to this entertainment network. During live shows the window opens up during breaks for the celebrities to come and do the autograph and 'selfie' thing. Depending on your calender. One day it could be Miley, the next day Billy Ray...but your at least guaranteed to see someone famous.

Air Canada Centre: From the ever improving Toronto Raptors franchise that is showing the NBA and the Memphis Grizzlies that basketball is not extinct North of America, to the legendary Leaf franchise in hockey this is the arena. Awesome facilities, state of the art surroundings and enough concessions to not need seconds this is a top sporting venue which also makes for one of the best places to catch whatever stadium set makes for the gig of the year, whether you prefer your piano being played by Bill Joel or Bruno Mars.

Rogers Centre: When your in the ball-park watching the game this Summer what better way to enjoy it than knowing that if it gets too icy in this cold Canada, then the retractable roof will close for your cooling convenience? This convertible car like stadium may no longer be considered that latest and greatest of innovative ground designs but it's still one of the first and best. A true classic that also houses concerts and some formidable festivals across the years calender. Still one of the greatest looks may be the view of the CN Tower peaking above the roof. Just make sure you wave at the people up there trying to catch the game.

Loose Moose Bar & Grill: Sports bars are America and Canada's hallmark tradition and you don't have to walk far to find one that plays the game and serves a decent brew. Still when you see the frames of trading cars as you enter under the antlers of the Loose Moose you know you've found your place. Especially as there are more screens than an ESPN set to keep your sports fixed entertained no matter what your ball game of poison is. Just don't count on much variety on-screen of the leafs are playing however. This is the country of ice and puck. It's the real tradition. Like those Loose Moose fries...to die for.

Hockey Hall Of Fame: Do you know your Wayne Gretzky from your Sidney Crosby? Even if the only ice involved with your favourite sport resides at the bottom of your glass you'll find a lot of interesting exhibits from top to bottom here. From the distinct look on the outside to all the knowledge you'll find inside this is more than just a part of sports. It's a part of Canada. Just remember, no fighting.

The Museum Of Shoes. 'SHOES'?! You cry. Yep, judging from the massive stiletto-which is a sight in itself-on the outside the museum of shoes is definitely not a guys first choice. Then again if you're taking your date here you'll need this for your trips itinerary. Who knows maybe they'll have a section for Jordan's? Still, this is some girls greatest dream this side of walking into a place this big and stocked with so many heels with the words 'Sale' blazed across the front. Just make sure you don't her them to the gift shop.

Royal Ontario Museum: The Science Centre and Art Gallery are more than just places of interest for your travel guides but if you have to pick just one place to walk around for the day then it has to be the Royal Ontario Museum which is so full it's even renowned for loaning artifacts to other museums. Still, even with everything you can find under this one roof it's the glass pointing pyramid structure of the outside that may just have the most lenses on it.

The Harbourfront Centre: The Harbourfront Centre offers you more than just an ice rink for you to embarrass yourself on dates if you have two left roller feet. It's the perfect place to experience the beauty and tranquillity of Lake Ontario leading out to the Toronto Islands. So whether your the old fashioned type that likes romantic walks late at date night, or someone that prefers the company of Dylan or Marvin on the iPods of an early morning jog this is the perfect path.

Ireland Park: Explore the T-Dot's Irish roots-along with your own perhaps-in this picturesque park. The Rowan Gillespie sculptures that commemorate the arrival of refugees after the great famine of Ireland are as moving as they are inspiring. What was once known as Cabbagetown now holds great farmers markets and vegetable stalls keeps it's Irish roots firmly planted into one of the nicest neighbourhoods here that it has grown into.

Eaton Centre: This is the town that gets so cold icicles may hang off your beard as well as you car. So much so that you can find the lions share of shops and places to eat underground in a subway of shopping style. Still if you want to avoid the bunker the Eaton Centre makes for the perfect shopping centre from the bargain basements to the high-end boutiques. This is the place where Toronto puts it's Christmas tree and once that comes down in the New Year you know you'll want to come here for the sales.

Le Meridien King Edward: If you want to live like a King..or at least stay like one how about Edward's hotel? There's a lot of cool and classy places to stay in this eclectic city no matter how far your wallet opens but here scales everything else, no matter if you're staying in the penthouse suite or on the ground floor. The soaring marble surroundings all around are a site in themselves and reminds you that even at an extra expense you're staying somewhere that helps you live it large while your away. It's your vacation...what else are you supposed to do?

Polson Pier: This entertainment complex may just be the place of new and traditional ways of spending your hard earned bucks on some after work fun. If your a golf fan, you're on course here for a treat of swinging those irons on a lazy day out the office, but if you prefer your drive a little more 50's romantic than why not take a convertible to this drive-in movie theatre it converts to at night? Just like the good ole days all you need now is a leather jacket and 'Saturday Night Fever' on the radio. Let's hope 'Pulp Fiction' is playing.

Bad Dog Theatre Company: Despite the cold-front, Canada is a warm, laugh loving place. This is the land that gave us comedy legends like John Candy and Jim Carrey. The Bad Dog Theatre Company also produced the greats Mike Myers and Colin Mochrie. This improv venue will even have you if you think you could write the perfect one-liner. If not don't heckle what this stage offers you because it might just be the next Steve Martin.

Balzac Coffee Roastery: We could go to all the Starbucks and Pret's ever corner has for the rest of our lives but there's nothing like a more personal coffee house to define the street of a city and your morning routine. Whether your doing the run for work or running over the events of last night whilst nursing a hangover the Balzac is as fresh as the beans that are roasted on premises. It's retro, it's real and it's refreshing and more than just a big businesses Summer campaign. Each day of the year you'll be able to find more types of tea in this home of the leaf.

Republik: Whether you spend most of your nights on Tinder or with the wedding planner we all like to have a club night once again whether it's with our boys or the one we love. Toronto offers a lot for any crowd, but if you want to see just how crazy and cool it gets than the young vibrant crowd heads for the bright and sparkling lights of Republik. There's even a waterfall in the middle of this place. It may not be Niagara, but its certainly something else.

Toronto Theatre District: You're in for a show here even if you just like walking down the street and taking it all in. Still from the Royal Alexandra Theatre to all the shows you can act through you're bound to find something here that's just the ticket. Still it's when September starts that this city truly wakes up from it's underground Winter. Here is when you can see any film or famous face worthy of Academy and Blockbuster company in the crazy weeks that define this month in this places year. The Toronto Film Festival is so good that this Canadian place is second only to Cannes. Take that London! Need we say anymore? TIM DAVID HARVEY.