Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Divine. That's the city of Providence in a word. Defined. Figuratively and literally. Forget the cliche. Biblically speaking 'Providence' is scripted as the spirit and power and protective nature of God. But if you make it to the state of Rhode Island you may just find Providence yourself...the real place. And you can't get much closer to heaven than this.

Just north of New York and before Boston if you ride a Greyhound from the worlds most famous city to the state of Massachusetts' New England you will see the real beauty of this country on the highways of the United States. And you won't even need to take a left turn to America's Cadillac iconic road of Route 66 to get there. But as you venture to Beantown from the Knicks one and after you pass all the Costco's and roadside Starbucks' you'll drive through a classic city of churches, traditional buildings and stilted skylines that almost looks and feels like your in Boston already. Besides it's only an hour away and this town is a part of greater New England too, but it's in a whole other state all together.

This is Providence and the next time you take that four hour, 14 dollar journey from Port Authority to Back Bay you'll make a brief stop for a day in a place you could easily spend the rest of your life from the moment you get there. Providence is a calm, collected city that's beyond the big lights and shines much brighter from the towns theatre to the street art murals that almost illuminate on their own at night. Whereas most leaps and bounds cities of the future look to sell out for profit, Providence keeps it pure as it is traditonal. We told you it was divine. It's full of heart and soulful too. Hell, Providence is poetry...if only we could write it better.

Just walk around and see it for yourself. Where should you go? Where your two soles take you! Where should you stay? Wherever you lay your hat to call home! What should you eat? Anything you can get your hands on and teeth into from the weekend food festival markets to the brilliant bars and resturants that line every street corner that is worth your camera and eyes experience. Sure this is a travel guide, but this is just talk and Providence is not that cheap a city. Besides just like coffee and donut shops, Providence has the most restaurants per capita than any city in America (no wonder the college basketball Friars play in a place called the Dunkin Donuts Center...Homer Simpson's dream). When we urge you to just go we mean exactly that. Living it is being it and the only way to see Providence is to find it for yourself.

Because there really is a buzz about this beehive of industry. This creative capital. From the Federal Hall across the Point Street Bridge all the way to Roger Williams Park. All as beautiful as they are traditional just like the grand Rhode Island State House and the holy First Baptist Church of America. This city really is a renaissance beyond the nickname in a time of men about town trying to reach for the stars by scraping the sky faster than the uninterested scroll through their phones. There's a good ole days, old school feel to this place that beyond the Autumn falls in line with a classic John Hughes or Tom Cruise coming of age 80's movie. It really is just that transcendent and any other synoymn of this places name painted perfectly precise on its iconic magnificent mural. And as for the cities official motto; "What cheer"? Well...right here people! No question. We'd say just you wait, but don't. Go!