Sunday, 22 January 2012


If you're off Broadway in New York City and want a classic taste and feel of American dining then nothing beats the Metro Diner located on 2641 Broadway, New York 10025 at 1000th Street. From breakfast to dinner and great food to service just as hearty this is THE classic American Diner for the modern day nostalgia and memory makers.

From it's maroon outside to it's leather and tile interior this is traditional Americana in all it's pride and beauty. Whether sitting at the bar for a coffee by yourself, talking to the lovely locals or joining your best and closest for a spot of lunch in a booth this makes for one of those New York minute moments that will last a lifetime in the fondness banks.

Want burgers? Then how about three? Because from the mini-bites to the quarter pounders there's more at steak than rib-eye. Bit of a tipper? Then you may feel like emptying your pockets due to the friendly and welcoming service that feels second to none and is truly the embodiment of the American way. All of the staff are warm and genuine but it's the waiter Mario who will really become one of the best and favourite people you'll meet in this great city. Want stories? Travel tips? Advice? Or just general small talk? Then this man has it all and more and he and his fellow staff are always more than happy to help, serve and chat.

From affordable prices to desserts that will leave you floored you really have to make a meal of this place. With a prime time location on Broadway, near some great spots and withing a few stops of the heart of the city the 'Metro' provides you with a glimpse of the true New York. Feast your eyes and mind on this. You'll definitely want to stomach it. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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