Friday, 16 March 2012


'Serendipity' means a 'happy accident or 'pleasant surprise' and is reportedly one of the world populations favourite words...somewhere next to 'love' and 'happiness' I'm sure. It's also the name of a classic, hit romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale where a man an a woman meet thanks to a pleasant accident.

In this film they go for a drink and sundae in New York Cities Little Italy and more importantly 'Serendipity 3', which could be argued as the true muse of this movie. The beautiful, quaint restaurant has been a part of NYC since 1954 and is hallmark to the Big Apple like the carriages in Central Park or the lights in Times Square.

You have to make a stop or two here. From the beautiful, vintage decor to the souvenir satisfying gift-shop this place more than looks the part. The friendly, welcoming staff are always on hand with plenty of water (you'll need it for the sundaes-one waiter told me "better keep you hydrated for this adventure") and stories and advice (you may need that too).

This is a great place to eat a meal or share a drink, but desserts is where this two-floored heaven makes its bread and butter. From the legendary 'Frozen Hot Chocolate' to the 'Forbidden Broadway Sundae' there are so many devilish treats here...and so many more gorgeous sundaes and incredible desserts to get your teeth and fillings into.

So why not take a chance on this place and be pleasantly surprised? Because this will make for one of your favourite New York memories, like ice skating in Central Park or shopping in Bloomingdale's. This is no accident however, when it comes to 'Serendipity 3', you where meant to come here. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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